To fulfill binding appointed functions in the field of occupational health and safety and for individual environmental protection areas, companies are legally obliged to determine one or more appointed persons.
If it is not possible or desirable to hire a new employee or to train a suitably qualified internal specialist for one or more assignments, we will provide you with external contractors.
Even in the event of gaps caused by fluctuation, retirement or the training of a designated employee, we can bridge your need for external representatives.
Our experts are at your disposal to determine the required supervision time of representatives or multiple orders in combination with other legal obligations.

Advantages of external QHSE commissioning:

Updating the documentation and process descriptions of the assigned management systems
• Organization and dissemination of monitoring and certification audits
• Preparation of management reviews
• Moderation and internal audit execution, audit program maintenance
• Audit appointments and programs can be harmonized with those involved in the ISO and non-ISO standards and certification bodies

Of course, the responsibility for the individual management system remains with the organization management and / or operator responsibility. An external mapping of these tasks leads to a reduction in operational blindness. New impulses as well as solutions for your organization are converted directly to your advantage by the many years of cross-industry experience of our QHSE specialists..

Our services binding appointed functions :

• Project QHSSE Manager
• Project QHSSE Supervisor
• Shutdown HSSE Advisors
• Drilling & Workover HSSE Advisors
• HSSEQ Project Coordinators
• HSSEQ Project Engineers
• Occupational safety specialists
• Occupational Safety Officers
• Environmental protection specialist
• Emission Protection Officer
• Dangerous good officer acc. ADR
• Data protection officer
• Waste and Recycling Officer
• Occupational medical service
• Risk prevention officer
• Fire Protection officer
• Environmental Protection officer (pollution control / water protection / waste)