Implementation of BBS:
The implementation of this globally ambitious safety culture is only feasible with highly experienced experts. In addition to the « institution », in-depth qualifications of the future managers are required to cultivate and expand a BBS culture. Experience has shown that implementing this most sustainable occupational health and safety system can take several months. Therefore, a BBS system makes sense, in particular, when organizations want to switch from the previous stand-alone solutions of the classic occupational safety departments or external assignments to a holistic, integrated QHSE management. A BBS system exceeds definite requirements of the ISO 45001.

Step-Implementation of your BBS-System
Illustration of the safety culture
For the establishment of a BBS security management, the existing characteristics of the current security culture are first of all recorded and the desired goals and resources mapped:

Defining the future goals and the future policy (at the same time fulfilling the conformity criteria in an occupational safety audit)
• Identification of existing programs as well as mapping of current employee behavior and consequence pattern
• Determination of existing qualifications and necessary training of named experts and supervisors to accompany the project

Identification of risky behavior
With intensive examinations, which may also include under-cover participation in the main focuses of risk or anonymous employee interviews, the behavioral model of Herrnstein are analyzed.

• Determining the core areas of existing adaptive benefits (which advantageous and risky behavior is tolerated, or has become acclimated)
• Determination of the consequences, (Amplifier for lasting change of behavior and the strengthening of willingness to change to safe behavior)

Qualification and integration
Impart the skills to maintain safe behavior pro-actively

In-house training of the participants for a safe behavior (train the trainer, for multiplication)
• Identification of suitable representatives for the involvement of the workforce in the BBS safety culture

Sustainability Care
In coordination with the tasks of the BBS officer or QHSE manager, or to prepare for certification of an ISO 45001 audit, the following tasks up to a self-sufficient autonomous control make sense:

• Implementation of additional KPI´s and breakpoints for continuous improvement
• Participation incentives for the workforce for continuous success and contribution