Implementation of a new management system

• Maintaining and developing your integrated system, along with the guiding and supervision of your organization’s own responsible staff

• We support the development of a integrated system up to a self-sufficient maintenance by the executives of your organisation

Support the implementation

Support the implementation of a single or combined management standards, up to a certification by an accredited certification body or auditing by relevant stakeholders.

Support in the integration/transition

Support in the integration / transition of your existing management systems depending on whether you need to add a new single standard, or a combined QE, QH&S or QHSE system.

We combine your required systems and restructure your existing system to a self-sufficient continuation without any additional external services.


Promotion of QHSE-relevant staff and internal auditors for the required internal audits.

Support for the recruitment of qualified personnel

Consultancy for the selection of an accredited certification body